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Recycling – The major reason we recycle is to reuse a resource until its useful life is exhausted.  The benefits of recycling include diverting waste from landfills. However, before we recycle we should think about reducing what we use in the first place, then reuse items as long as we can, then we can recycle.

Composting – Composting is another way to recycle.  By keeping food waste, nonrecyclable paper, lawn clippings and brush out of the landfill we return those nutrients trapped in this material back to mother earth. (Composting article)

Plastics – Single use plastic bags, straws, bottles and cups have become part of our American way of life.  Many articles point out their detrimental effect on our environment.  How dependent are you on plastic?  Keep your own Plastics Journal for a day and find out.  (Plastic Journal article)


Group Service Learning Programs – Keep Dallas Beautiful offers a service learning experience for educational groups, fraternal organizations and corporations.  Fees depend on the number of participants and project choice. Click here to sign up to be a volunteer. Contact Brenda Finch for more information –

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Individual volunteer opportunities – If you have a few hours a week to share your talents, Keep Dallas Beautiful appreciates help designing outreach material for its Youth Initiatives, video of events, presentation design, working in the classroom (background check required when working directly with youth) and volunteer coordination. Contact Wendy Champion for more information –


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